Cameroon. Travel information

Cameroon’s north is the nation’s primary tourist draw. The area has several wildlife reserves, including the largest and best-run in West Africa, *Waza National Park (map).

Travel in the English-speaking western regions is unsafe due to violence between separatists and government forces. Travel is unsafe in the Far North region, the Nigerian border and the eastern border because of attacks by Islamist terrorists are also endemic. foreigners have been targetted for kidnapping.

Photography is difficult, since Cameroonians often resent foreigners taking photographs of things that outsiders may consider strange or that may cast Cameroon in a negative light. The government forbids all photography of government buildings and personnel, airports, bridges, and markets.

International airports are Douala International Airport and Yaoundé Nsimalen International Airport.

Between the major cities you can get a ride on modern, comfortable buses, sometimes with air conditioning. Away from the larger centres you will most likely end up on the ever present Toyota bush taxis.

*Yaoundé | *Douala
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