El Salvador

El Salvador. Travel information

El Salvador offers many natural attractions including, beaches, a mild tropical climate and lush landscapes. It also offers an important archaeological and ecological heritage, with colonial and pre-Columbian vestiges, and national reserves. Over 2,000 known archaeological sites, samples of Maya and Olmec cultures, mainly. They stand out for their importance the archaeological remains of the *Pyramids of San Andrés (map), *Joya de Cerén (map), *Cihuatán, *Quelepa, *El Tazumal (map) and *Tehuacán.

El Salvador also provides a supply of sun and beach. One of the most visited by tourists are those of La Libertad (map).

El Salvador had the fourth place in the highest murder rate in the world and it kept growing until 2018.

*San Salvador | The capital of country
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