Liechtenstein. Travel information

It is Europe’s fourth-smallest country, with an area of just over 160 square kilometres (62 square miles). Liechtenstein is bordered by Switzerland to the west and south and Austria to the east and north. Its capital is Vaduz, and its largest municipality is *Schaan.

Schloss Vaduz (map) – This imposing and historic castle, home to the royal family, overlooks the city of Vaduz and is approachable on the main Vaduz-Triesenberg road. It is not open to the public, but it is possible to view it from quite close up. Balzers (map) – Home to a beautiful church and a spectacular Gothic castle.

Liechtenstein has no airports. You can take a flight to Zürich Airport (115 km from Liechtenstein). The country’s sole bus operator is ÖBB, the Austrian federal railway company, runs a limited service from Buchs SG station (map) in Switzerland, via Schaan-Vaduz station (map) to Feldkirch (map) in Austria.

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