Paraguay. Travel information

Republic of Paraguay is a country in South America. Paraguay is lacking in world-famous attractions, and tourist-oriented establishments are few and far between. But those visitors who do come will be rewarded with a great experience of South America: colonial history, ruins of missions, vast wilderness, and a strong mix of European and indigenous cultures.

The capital *Asunción hosts a large part of the country’s sights. *Encarnación (map) is a laid-back city with the beautiful San Jose (river) Beach and a relaxing promenade where you can just hang around for a couple of days and enjoy the local bar culture.

When leaving from Asunción, the web page of the bus terminal has information about ticket prices for all destinations and bus companies as well as departure times. The site is in Spanish only and there’s no information about travel times nor schedules for trips towards Asuncion.

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