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Republic of the Sudan is a country in North-East Africa. Anthropological and archaeological research indicate that during the predynastic period Nubia and Nagadan Upper Egypt were ethnically, and culturally nearly identical, and thus, simultaneously evolved systems of pharaonic kingship by 3300 BC.

Getting a visa for Sudan is an expensive hit-and-miss affair, but if you do manage to get in, and you stick to the safe areas, you will probably have a memorable experience. Sudanese culture melds the behaviors, practices, and beliefs of about 578 ethnic groups, communicating in 145 different languages, in a region microcosmic of Africa.

*Khartoum — the national capital, which also consists of Omdurman and Khartoum North (Bahri). *Kassala (map) is a city in Kassala State. *Jebel Barkal (map) — ancient Egyptian/Kush ruins with ruins of several temples, palaces, a few pyramids. *Meroë (map) — ancient Nubian royal city on the banks of the Nile, home to over 200 pyramids.

Sudan has very strict rules about taking pictures!

Travel to the western part of the country especially Darfur, and to the borders with Southern Sudan and Eritrea is dangerous and strongly discouraged.

::: Source: Drew Binsky
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